I hate calling people. I thought I hated talking on the phone; but among many revelations I’m having lately (Is there something like the opposite of Mercury in retrograde?), I realized that the *idea* of calling people is what I find unpleasant.

Throughout the day, I find myself with thoughts I want to ‘share.’  But I can’t call anyone because of (fill in the blank) perceived inconvenience of  work hours/time difference/dinner time/too late. So I don’t. I miss the days of answering machines. Somehow the shift from calling a phone tied to a location is much less intimidating than calling someone’s hand or butt wherever they are. So, I come right here (or Twitter or Facebook) and send it off into the internet black hole of “who gives a fuck?”

I don’t think all this ‘sharing’ is helping to strengthen any of my ties to anyone. So, I’m going to make a small change. For every time I want to “share,” I’m going to reach out to a single person. Whether it be a private note, an email, a text – or the dreaded phone call. Fuck  it. That is all.

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